Dr Sam Sinclair (née Lloyd)

I am a conservation scientist.

Luckily for me this moniker encompasses a broad range of activities, over the last ten years I have found lost species, learnt foreign languages and engaged in global debates.

My early career was spent living in remote locations across Africa where I worked closely with local people to find ways help them coexist with wildlife and manage their natural resources. Since then I have taken the lessons I learnt about the realities of conservation practice and studied how societies make decisions about their environments.

Using a breadth of qualitative approaches I use empirical research to understand social dynamics and provide guidance for the creation and implementation of environmental policies which I hope will allow people from all nations to effectively manage their resources.


I am a practical, environmentally focused social scientist. I use a breadth of social research techniques to understand how people and societies interact with their environments, in particular through laws, legislation and scientific communication.


I work with policy and implementation. I focus particularly on no net loss, conservation planning, and monitoring & evaluation. I collaborate with NGOs, private entities and governments to write policy, develop strategies and guide execution.


I have extensive experience in the field. I have worked across Africa conducting anti-poaching patrols, surveying biodiversity and working with local people. I have climbed mountains, lived on remote islands and fought bush fires.


  • Doctor of Philosophy 2018

    Life Sciences

    Imperial College London

  • Master of Science 2010

    Conservation Science (Distinction)

    Imperial College London

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours 2008

    Biology (2:1)

    The University of Bristol


  • Present2016

    Visiting Academic

    The University of Oxford

  • 20172017

    Visiting Academic

    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

  • 20132012

    Management Trainee

    The African Wildlife Foundation

  • 20122011

    Research and Development Manager

    The Society for Environmental Exploration

  • 20092009

    Research Assistant

    The Percy FitzPatrick Institute, The University of Cape Town